Some Things I’ve Worked On Professionally

I realized I didn’t have a single place where I show off all the stuff I’ve done professionally, so I figured I’d throw this page together.

Space Miner Wars

Space Miner Wars (known internally as “Sminc” after its original title ‘Space Miner Incorporated’.) is a follow-up to the classic iOS game “Space Miner”. It combines base-building mechanics with asteroids-style gameplay while maintaining the series’s trademark goofy sense of humor. For advanced players the main attraction is attacking other player’s bases, which is done while personally piloting you own ship, not by commanding units.
If the game has a flaw it’s that the session times are a touch on the long side in an era when players are looking for quicker games (like Supercell’s “Clash Royal”), but I will still enthusiastically recommend it for the game for anyone who likes both action and base-building.


Virtual Realty spray painting! I was Lead Programmer on this project up until it’s first released version. I notice a bunch of features have been added since then, but the basics are all stuff I worked on. This thing is really fun to use.

VRTex Welding Simulator

This has got to be VRSim’s most popular product. I was Lead Programmer through the whole development process. This is a really cool educational product, and it was great fun to make. Shown in this video is the “mobile” version, which has a smaller case and a touch-screen, but is otherwise basically the same as the classic version.


The Predecessor to the VRTex. It looks so primitive now, but was state of the art virtual reality back in 2007.

I can’t find any video of the earler work we did at VRSim, but perhaps that’s for the best. We did all kinds of custome simulations for Sikorsky Aircraft, Bell Helecopter, Pratt&Whitney, and I don’t remember who else, but I suspect it hasn’t aged all that well and probably looks very primitive today, just a decade later.


Ok, not “professional”, per se, but still pretty cool. Depthchasers was a one-student college project. It’s Cel-shaded submarine racing game. Written from scratch using fixed pipeline OpenGL. (No store-bought engine, and no shaders because I couldn’t afford a video card with good shader support!)

This looks a bit rough now, but it was pretty cool for its day. I’m still proud of it.

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