God Hates ’em!

GOD HATES BAGSEveryone’s familiar with Pastor Fred Phelps’ favorite bigoted, yet catchy,  slogan to scrawl across a crudely made picket sign.

A few years ago I purchased a very similar slogan as a domain on the theory that God might also hate Bags.  My domain had all the catchiness of Fred Phelp’s original slogan, without any of the bigotry or stupidity.  Well, ok. There might still have been some  stupidity, but it was intended ironically. Really.   Truly, it was one of the greatest domain names of all times, and could have easily made me a dot-com millionaire.

Sadly, I never did use it to become a dot-com millionaire, so when I was approached by an outfit called “Revel & Riot” who offered to buy the domain from me, you can bet I jumped at the chance to cash in!  Revel & Riot manufactures, or at least sells,  LGBT pride T-shirts and other assorted merch, so you can see why they’d be interested in such a catchy domain.

I now notice that the domain went online a while ago with a page featuring a number of different actual bags bearing that slogan, apparently so you can taunt the almighty by not only carrying a bag, but also acknowledging that you know he hates them.  I recommend that everyone go buy one of their bags right now so that they feel like the domain was worth the extravagant sum I suckered them into forking over.

How much money did they wind up paying me for this extraordinary domain name? I don’t like to say, but if you see me going by on a brand new luxury yacht, well, then I recommend getting out of my way, because I do not actually know how to sail a yacht.



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