SOLVED : Why does YouTube make my monitor flicker?

Ever since I got my new computer with its blazing fast NVIDIA graphics card, and hooked it up to my home theater projector, I’ve been noticing one really aggravating problem.

Every time I watch a video on YouTube or even Netflix, about two seconds in, the projector flickers and has to reconnect. (As though I had changed resolution to the exact same resolution I was already using.)

In fact, it does this every time it changes video quality to compensate for bandwidth hickups. So halfway through a TV Show, it might suddenly decide to turn my monitor black for two seconds! ARGG!

Googling suggested that I should turn off all hardware acceleration in the video drivers. This helped a little, but the downside was, all my hardware acceleration was turned off. I want that turned on! Acceleration makes things go faster!

Today, I finally found the solution.

NVIDIA Control Panel / Adjust Desktop Color Settings / Content type reported to the display

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Select “Adjust Desktop Color Settings
  3. Change “Content Type Reported to the Display” to anything other than “auto-select”.
  4. Problem Solved!
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