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Fantasy 8-bit

Usually I don’t have much patience with 8-bit nostalgia, but man-oh-man, I’m in love with the PocketCHIP handheld computer, and the PICO-8 fantasy console. The PICO-8 is 8-bit nostalgia done right. It’s not about reminiscing about how good particular games … Continue reading

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Some Things I’ve Worked On Professionally

I realized I didn’t have a single place where I show off all the stuff I’ve done professionally, so I figured I’d throw this page together. Space Miner Wars Space Miner Wars (known internally as “Sminc” after its original title … Continue reading

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Deap Dreams on Mars

Conspiracy theorists like to zoom in on jpeg artifacts and declare that they’ve found “proof” of an official cover-up of life on Mars. Those people are working too hard. You can find much more compelling proofs by running the official … Continue reading

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SOLVED : Why does YouTube make my monitor flicker?

Ever since I got my new computer with its blazing fast NVIDIA graphics card, and hooked it up to my home theater projector, I’ve been noticing one really aggravating problem. Every time I watch a video on YouTube or even … Continue reading

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God Hates ’em!

Everyone’s familiar with Pastor Fred Phelps’ favorite bigoted, yet catchy,  slogan to scrawl across a crudely made picket sign. A few years ago I purchased a very similar slogan as a domain on the theory that God might also hate … Continue reading

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The last four Wonders.

Pieced this together from a few images on Wikipedia.  These are all that’s left of the Seven Wonders of the World. The top one is obviously the Great Pyramid at Giza, in rough shape, but still a wonder. Next is … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts at the Drug Store

Saw a sign at the drug store today that said “What’s New In Beauty?“, and I thought “Wow, what a deep question!”. ‘Beauty’ is generally thought of as an unchanging and eternal ideal that all styles of art strives to … Continue reading

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Two quick things, Pennies and Legos.

How do you weight down the wacom pen holder? Answer: Pennies. How do you hold a tablet upright to read at the dinner table? Answer: Legos.  

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Hipster PDA Reinvented

In 2004,  back when PDAs like the PalmV were still popular, (Smart phones were still just for super-nerds.) a blogger named Merlin Mann got tired of his PDA, and decided he needed something simpler and easier to use. So he … Continue reading

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Old Stuff

If you’re here looking for something that used to be on my web page you’re probably looking for one of two things. Coed Ninja – A small collection of single-panel comics I did for the Lowell Connector college newspaper. The … Continue reading

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